WCC (Web Chess Club) is a no-fee club that intends to join chess-players through the Internet, approximating chess fans in the world. Using only the web-browser and your e-mail, the player can create games and fight battles with several different opponents previously met in the club.


The user should register with a valid e-mail to play and to create new games. In the “create new game” link the player may invite a friend. The game created without the “private” option will be placed in the “GAMES ROOM” where anyone may enter. With the “private” option, only the guest will be invited.

The player choose in the moment of the creation the time limit of each movement of the game. This limit can be 2, 4, 7, 15 or 30 days, being 30 days the default.

The game begins when the player enters any open game in the “GAMES ROOM”. An e-mail is sent to the opponent, wich indicates the beginning of the game. Then, for each play made by the players an e-mail is sent, requesting the opponent to make the next movement.

A game is over if one of the players quits, or, by the verification of a checkmate, or by surpassing the time limit of the move set in the creation. In this last case, the player that had not accomplished the last move will be consider deserter and will lose the battle. The winner will have the victory added and all the finished games will be available at his default “home” for future visualization.

This way, a game will be concluded in one of the following conditions:

1. a player accomplished a checkmate - winner;
2. a tie for stalemate - draw;
3. a tie for agreement common of the players - draw;
4. the period of the movement has expired - loser or draw;
5. one of the players quits - loser;

If a new game has initiated and there are no more than 2 movements for 72 hours, any one of the players will be able to abort the game in your "Games in progress" table. In this case the game will be removed of the club.

The player's Skill Level

All new players are considered beginners by the system. The winner gains points at the end of a game. This sum is visible when placing the mouse cursor on the symbol of each person's Skill level in “HOME” or “GAMES ROOM”.

The following table is used to calculate the player's level:

SymbolLevelMinimum Level Score Points lost in the defeatPoints gains in the victory against

According to the table, a “beginner” player who wins a game against an “average” opponent will add 6 points to its qualification. If the winner reaches the next “Minimum Level Score”, it will be automatically raised to the other level. The same thing, if the player loses the game, the score will be subtracted 1 point and the player might return to the previous level.

Please, be very welcome to our club! We hope you enjoy the system.

Best regards, Overlans Systems Team!